Let's be honest, book clubs can get a bit boring. That one friend in your group who likes to pretend they're cultured keeps proposing titles that no one could care less about, and what started out a fun idea has now become an obligation on your monthly calendar.


But what if you had a fun book to read that most folks tear through in a couple of days? What if you had a chance to hear from the guy who wrote it as he engaged you with fun stories and behind-the-scene details about his experience? What if, at the end of the night, everyone got to take home an autographed copy of the book they've been reading? What if all the while you got to support a local writer and drink great wine?

For the price of $13 per copy of the book ($1 less than the book costs on Amazon) plus a $100 speaking fee, you can hire me to come to your next book club meeting.* I'll send out copies of the book to everyone in your group, then show up at the event for a live Q&A. I can say that I've done a few of these at this point, and people have consistently had a great time. I have over a decade of experience performing in front of crowds, and entertaining is actually how I earn my non-writing income, so I'd humbly submit that I could do a good job engaging a crowd.

To book me for your next book club meeting, e-mail

* Rates are for any talks within 50 miles of Boston. Talks further away can be arranged with a slight additional fee for travel and possibly lodging.