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"Book club meetings are always fun, but having Jonathan join our session really made for a memorable and enhanced discussion. What a treat to an already great read!"

-Mia, Boston Baked Books

One of my favorite experiences since writing Odd Jobs was the time a local book club invited me in for a live Q&A. It was great meeting the readers, discussing the writing process, and sharing stories from the Odd Jobs experience that never made it into the book.

At first, I thought a national quarantine meant it would be a long time before I had that experience again, but I ultimately realized that now is the perfect time for book clubs. We all finally have the time to read the things we've always wanted to try, and who couldn't use an excuse to hang out with friends, drink wine, and talk about something other than how bored you've been staying in all day? Thanks to Zoom and Google hangouts, we can do it all while social distancing.

So whether you've been hosting a book club for years, or you're considering starting your first one right now, I hereby propose you make Odd Jobs the next book you read, discuss it on Zoom with some friends and a glass of wine, then have me join halfway through the call for a virtual Q&A.

If you're not sure whether Odd Jobs is the right fit for your group, you can read free selections right hereI will say that if you enjoy the other writing on this site, I think you'll really like Odd Jobs. Out of everything I have ever done, it is the project I have spent the most time on and the thing I am the proudest of. Also, I don't know how to put this humbly, so I'll just say it: The two times I have done this before, people have freaking loved it.

Once I get more of these under my belt, the plan is to charge a small amount for my time, but for now, I'm doing the talks for free.

To book a virtual book club talk or ask any questions, e-mail

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