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On November 28th, 2018, I published "Odd Jobs: One Man's Life Working Every Gig He Could Find, from Bathroom Attendant to Bikini Model." It is a collection of stories about, well, my life working every gig I could find. Among other jobs, I delivered a One-Direction-inspired singing telegram, sold my blood, played in the World Series of Poker, twisted balloons in a public park, auditioned for a game show, and, most harrowing of all, became a substitute teacher.

You can buy a paperback copy of the book right here. And you can get the e-book here

Finally, if you're feeling especially game, you can make Odd jobs the next book you read for your book club, and have me join your group for a virtual Q&A afterwards by going here.


But for those of you curious to try the book out a bit first, you can read the excerpts below.

ODD JOBS, CHAPTER 1- about the time I played in the World Series of Poker

ODD JOBS, CHAPTER 12- about the time I was a professional basketball player

ODD JOBS, CHAPTER 17- about the time I delivered a One-Direction-themed singing telegram

ODD JOBS, CHAPTER 24- about the time I was a substitute teacher

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