When I'm not doing degrading things for money, I can often be found hosting trivia games at bars and restaurants. If you're interested in joining me for a game of trivia, having me host a private event for your business or in playing in the Stumpin' for 826 Boston charity fundraiser event, read on.

Stumpin' for 826 Boston

On Wednesday, December 2nd, we ran the first ever Stumpin' for 826 Boston, a Stump! Trivia game with a $10-a-head entry fee and some awesome prizes. That entry fee, as well as 20% of all food sales that night, went to 826 Boston, a wonderful charity located in Roxbury. We had a pretty much sold out venue and raised $1328.51 for the cause. Thank you very much to everyone who came out to play, to Regina's for being so generous with both donating a big percentage of sales and putting up some large gift cards as prizes, and to Mystery Cafe, Ghosts & Gravestones, and Improv Asylum for donating some awesome prizes that we were able to give away that night.

I'm hoping that we'll be able to do 3-4 Stump! fundraisers next year, each raising money for a different charity. If you a) want to join the mailing list to be notified about future Stump! fundraisers b) work with a charity that would be interested in having us raise money for them or c) want to donate prizes that we could give away at a future event, please e-mail me at jonathan@jonathankrieger.com.

Hire Me for Your Private Event

If you're looking for a fun game for your next corporate event, I heartily recommend Stump! Trivia. Well, that's stupid, of course I recommend it. It's me. But seriously, it's a lot of fun. I'll come to wherever you are and run a full trivia game for you and your employees. It's a great way for people to both play a fun game and also have a chance to talk and relax with their friends. I'm happy to ask questions in the categories of your choice and play whatever genres of music are your favorite. We provide the sound system, materials and questions, you just provide the venue and the prizes to give away. The game is also perfect for fundraisers, birthday parties and general get-togethers. We charge $400 or 300 for non-profits.

E-mail me at jonathan@jonathankrieger.com with any questions.

Join Me for a Night of Trivia

And if you just feel like playing trivia on a random night, drop by any of the following venues where I host...

Monday, 8:00- Ducali (North End)

I have been hosting at Ducali for several years now, and I love it. It's Italian food, but not your standard chicken parm and ziti that you get at all the other North End venues. Instead, there's a lot of dishes done just a little bit differently, and they taste amazing. The giant windows let in the North End at night and all the teams who play here are a ton of fun. I recommend the Nachos Italiano and a flight of local Boston beers.

The 2015 Ducali high score to beat: (May 11) The Punk Ass Book Jockies - 139 points

Tuesday, 6:00- Champions (Kendall Square)

I just started at Champions a few months ago, but it's already turning into one of my favorite spots. In short time, we've developed an awesome set of regulars. The food is high quality bar food, and the 6:00 start time means you can play right after work, and still finish with enough time to do something else with your night (or get into bed and watch the 9:00 News as you drift off to sleep. No judgment). I recommend the Black and Blue Burger, but I still have plenty of the menu to try out.

The 2015 Champions high score to beat: (January 6th) No Pants Required AKA Where's Katie?- 133 points

Thursday, 8:00- Regina Pizzeria (Allston)

I've been hosting at Regina Pizzeria for several years now, and I love it. It's a big venue that regularly gets 18-25 teams, so there's plenty of competition, and yet there's still that kind of intimate feel. It helps that there are so many awesome people that play there. First place is a $50 gift card, and when the weather gets nice out, you can also play on the patio. There's nothing like sitting outside, having a brew and playing trivia. I recommend the rigatoni bolognese, it's pretty much the perfect pasta dish.

The 2015 Regina Pizzeria high score to beat: (April 2nd) 9 Rivers Country Club- 140 points (also current high score across all of my venues)

Sunday, 8:00- 21st Amendment (Downtown)

I've been hosting at 21st Amendment for several years now, and I love it. We were voted the #4 Best Trivia Night in all of Boston, and if you come by, I think you'll see why. Of all the places I host, 21st probably has the regulars that have been coming the longest, and they're all a lot of fun. It creates an intimate atmosphere, where you can have a fun time with the crowd. I recommend the steak tips, partly because they're great and partly because they come with those fantastic onion strings. 

The 2015 21st Amendment score to beat: (February 8th) Cloudy with a Chance of Brain- 137 points